India X

CIEUGlobalisation. Transformation. Democracy.

These are the three common attributes every policy decision in India boasts of. And as the emerging economy of India becomes more and more intricate and technology-centered, it’s imperative to bring in the young soldiers, well-versed and up-to-the-minute with these trends

It’s time to bring in the youth of our nation forward to impel our country towards progress and development. This is where India X, a youth-oriented, research-driven, and idea-powered forum, comes into play.

India is a country brimming with youth who possess a relentless passion for implementing change and powerful ideas, whether it’s related to policymaking, women empowerment, or pressing economic concerns.

India X offers young professionals a chance to present their ideas and explore the opportunities within our policy ecosystem. A platform for young aspirants to step outside their zone and make a real contribution to India’s policy system through brainstorming sessions and round-table discussions about our country’s economy, from employment and foreign policies to taxation, labour laws and more.

Be the Change, Be the New Voice of Our Nation, Be a Part of India X.

Core Group

Rachit Mathur

Convener: India XRachit Mathur

Divya Jain

Co-Convener: Education and Women ForumDivya Jain

Raj juneja

Co-Convener: Investments and Startups ForumRaj Juneja