CIEU roundtables allow policy-makers and industry experts to participate in discussions that delve deep into problems plaguing the globe and evolve solutions that drive change. The aim is to create a space for differing opinions and give rise to a wide range of open-ended answers. Our roundtables are not a chamber for discussion but a playground of ideas. We don't just discuss but create. Our entire focus is on evolving a brighter, more sustainable, equitable future for the human race.

Life Of Banks Post Covid.

John Doe

Resizing The Cake – Review Of New Import Policy For Defence Procurement & Way Forward

Elsie-Rose Kane

Defence Acquisition Procedures 2020

Going Back To Drawing Board – Self Reliant India’s Defence Production

Vision 2030 Build India As A Uav Factory Of The World

Replacing Chinese Capital

Chinese venture capital funds and companies (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent – BAT) have invested upwards of 4 Billion US$ into Indian startups. 18 out of 30 Indian Unicorns (startups with over 1 Billion US$ valuation) have significant Chinese ownership.

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Funding The Unfunded

The Covid-19 pandemic has displaced and snatched the livelihoods of a swath of people in what is probably the worst reverse migration since Indian independence.

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