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Council for International Economic Understanding (CIEU)
is an independent research oriented think-tank based out of New Delhi. We do in-depth research, exchange dialogues, curate ideas leading to resolving the issues of the last man standing.

The narration and natures of the economies are changing rapidly. The essence of the globalisation is changing, from searching economies of scale to now economies of scope. The economies across the world are looking inwards to become self reliant, yet stay open to share ideas, experiences and requirements for cutting edge technologies. In this big churn, we aspire to make the last man in the queue part of the growth trajectory, improving his life, empowering him to make choices and safeguarding his right to dignified life.

Effective 'thought exchange' platforms to help develop meaningful exchange.

CIEU, through research-oriented reports, working papers, policy papers & white papers, develop an interface among the policymakers, lawmakers and various industry stakeholders. CIEU provides for regular exchange of ideas at the grass-root level as well.


Exclusive Membership Club for CEOs | Membership only on the Invitation

Manthan is an exclusive membership-driven peer group of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to exchange thoughts, get policy briefings, insights, research-based ideas, largely to understand the eco-system better. This is a platform for not only getting independent opinions, insights, but also for knowledge sharing —vertically as well as horizontally—among the closely knit CEO community.

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New world order

Relevance of Data Sovereignty - CIEU

After the pandemic of covid-19. How much the economic damages, data are reacquired for analysis and all.

What's going on Events & Updates

The events published here are organized by CIEU. They include virtual as well as face-to-face events, they range from Interactions, Concaves, Panel Discussions etc. among the policymakers, lawmakers and various industry stakeholders and cover all aspects of think tanks and think tanking.

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Quad & Beyond

Quad & Beyond

Understanding Global Order On China

Understanding Global Order On China

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